Motion Sensor Alarm Systems

How Do Motion Sensor Alarm Systems Work?

Motion sensors on their own can be very effective, but they are more effective when forming part of a larger security system. They also offer more than just detection of someone around your home. For the elderly, motion sensors offer back some independence.

However, as part of a larger system, motion sensors can take on the following forms:

Microwave sensors

These can be an expensive option. They measure the reflection off objection that is moving and can be focused to cover a small or large area, but they are a lot more effective when used to monitor large areas.

Passive infrared (PIR)

These are the most common type of sensors that detect body heat. they can be set to trip the alarm system, turn on or the lights, and several other functions. By having these send signals to a centralized computer, you can have your whole property secured and under the watchful eye of sensitive gadgets designed specifically to warn you of any danger and give you enough time to take appropriate action.

Ultrasonic sensors

These emit a high-frequency sound. Should the sound bounce back to the receiver, an alarm or lights will be activated.

Area Reflective Type

LED lights with the ability to emit infrared rays can measure the distance between the sensor and the surroundings it has been set to focus on. Should any sudden change occur, the will immediately be triggered.

Dual technology

Technology is amazing, but we all know that it can be temperamental. False alarms are just part of owning a system. However, by combining different types of sensor technology, you can create a system that is less prone to setting off unnecessary alarms.

Motion sensors form the core of most home security systems. However, motion sensor alarm systems have become more than just home security devices.

For the elderly and others suffering from mobility problems, motion sensors can even offer back some independence.

Nowadays, they have a range of applications, including:

  • open automatic doors
  • entryway & security lighting
  • automatic ticket gates
  • hand dryers and more….

Ring Alarm Motion Sensor

Ring’s motion sensor and security devices have taken the market by storm in only a few short years. After initially making its mark in the industry with the video doorbell, Ring has gone on to establish itself as one of the industry leaders for modern and effective home security devices.

It’s 1st and 2nd generation motion sensors are some of the most highly respected and sought after products on the market today. With these installed you will get instant mobile alerts when motion is detected at home. They offer has advanced motion sensitivity so that pets weighing under 50 lbs won’t trigger false alarms either.