A driveway motion sensor, as the name suggests, is a detector designed to monitor your driveway. These are not your average outdoor motion sensors but have instead specifically designed for driveways.

This sensor is perfect for those areas of your driveway that may not be visible, or very long driveways where there is a considerable distance between your home and the road.

Driveway motion sensors have been designed to offer you an extra layer of security and alert you to any unauthorized or unexpected movement that you are not able to see for yourself.

How Do Driveway Motion Sensors Work?

Driveway motion sensors work by picking up objects with a temperature that is different from the background. Once detecting the difference, they switch on the lights or trigger an alert to warn you of any irregular movement in your driveway.

You can opt for easy to install wireless sensors, or depending on your specific needs and budget, a more complex wired system with lines hidden in the ground.

They can be mounted and hidden almost anywhere you desire. It can be placed on a tree, a post, or a wall, but as long as it’s the approximate height of a car’s wheels you’ll be alerted of any movement in your driveway.

Before You Install Driveway Motion Sensors

But these systems are not without a few problems. Blowing leaves or a passing car can fool your driveway motion sensor, and this can be a deal-breaker for some homeowners, not to even mention your neighbors. However, these “false alarms” can easily be avoided.

For starters, you can opt to install lights with an adjustable range setting in order to limit what triggers it. You can also install aimable sensors with adjustable range and install them in areas that limit their field of view.

By taking just a few small measures to place your sensors in strategically placed locations, you will be able to monitor your driveway.

How Much Do Driveway Motion Sensors Cost?

It’s virtually impossible to place a figure on the cost of driveway motion sensors for your home. This is not only because driveways are so different, and every homeowner has different needs, but also the flexibility of the system. They can be used individually to cover only specific areas or form part of a much larger home security monitoring system.

For a good wireless alert system from a trusted manufacturer, be prepared to pay a few hundred dollars. A wired system can cost up to a few thousand dollars because it involves more parts, labor, and professional installation.

Additional Benefit of Installing Driveway Motion Sensors

Installing driveway motion sensors to protect your property has a whole host of benefits for you to enjoy. They are affordable for most homeowners. For a few hundred dollars you can have your driveway secured. You can install them yourself without the help of a contractor, but professional installation might be unavoidable for larger systems if you want them to function optimally.

They can also save you money. With these installed, there will be no more need for full-time outdoor security lights that continuously burn for no reason.

Driveway motion sensor lighting also helps you out when you come home carrying shopping bags or other items. Similarly, going outside at night when motion sensors have been installed will immediately trigger the lights to illuminate your walkway.

Do I Really Need Driveway Motion Sensors?

If improving home security is a priority, motion sensors are a must. Not only are they fast and easy to install, but they are extremely effective in monitoring your property to deter intruders. Motion sensors along your home’s perimeter are your first line of defense.

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