SimpliSafe is one of the most recognized home security brands anywhere in the world today. Its flexible home security solutions have made this company a household name in the US with more than 3 million customers in the U.S. With high-quality, easy-to-install, and easy-to-use home security devices, you are protected against unwanted intrusions.

At SimpliSafe, you have the option of going full wireless with an independent home security system you can take with you as you move, or opt for monitoring by a professional service. It all depends on what your unique needs and requirements are. Do you have a large home to monitor, or are you living in a small apartment and you just want to add an extra layer of security?

SimpliSafe Options

Apart from high-quality home security devices and excellent customer service, SimpliSafe’s flexibility is arguably one of the biggest keys to their success.

There are no long-term contracts to sign either. With this company, you’re free to change your plan each month and customize your devices and plans as your needs and wants change without being bound to any long-term agreements.

SimpliSafe Motion Sensors

SimpliSafe’s home security systems include a base station, HD security camera, key fob, and the following sensors:

Motion sensor Entry sensor Temperature sensor Glass break sensor

Additional Sensors

Keep in mind that it would be hard to do anything with SimpliSafe motion sensors if you don’t add a professional monitoring plan or a complete security system setup. On its own, the sensors will still be able to set off an alarm but nothing more. However, with the full setup, you can also opt to add an extra layer of security to your home, or if you have pets in your house and you’re looking for a security system that will help you avoid false alarms, SimpliSafe’s motion sensors may be exactly what you need.

They offer additional motion sensors that can detect movement within 30ft (10 meters) while looking straight ahead with a 90-degrees field of view and 45-degree downward angle. This ensures maximum room coverage.

They generally form part of a larger home security system but can be purchased individually for around $29.99.

You can opt for the $25.00 interactive plan and that is where you get everything that SimpliSafe has to offer. So on top of monitoring, you get the mobile app, you get a remote alert, and you get some smart home integration. Plus, you still have no contract. And so that means that you can pause and cancel the monitoring whenever you want.

Where To Place Your Motion Sensors Most people assume that adding as many motion sensors as possible is a good option. However, having a motion sensor in every single room is less cost-effective than a few strategically placed motion sensors throughout your property. But before you can place your motion sensors, it’s important to understand exactly how they work. Most motion detectors sense infrared heat to determine when something is happening in your home. They are able to detect general temperature changes in a certain area. The infrared sensor will usually be triggered when someone enters a room since their body temperature will be higher. If you plan on placing some motion sensors, it’s a good idea to know the approximate area that your motion sensors.

A good rule of thumb is, should you place the motion sensors on shelves or walls, do it at least 8 ft off the ground. Avoid placing near heaters air conditioning units lamps or electronics as they may interfere with the system. If you have electronic devices in your living room, burglars will probably go straight for them. Things like televisions, computers, and tablets are fairly easy for criminals to grab and sell.  If your living room is close to your front or back door, you could place motion sensors over both areas simultaneously.

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