The world’s largest selection of motion sensors is a far cry from the once small discount store that started up nearly 60 years ago. Nowadays, Walmart’s motion sensors come in such a wide array of applications that you won’t know where to start once you start considering all your options. However, to this day, one thing remains unchanged at Walmart.  Sell more for less. Now, with more than 11, 000 stores countrywide, Walmart serves nearly 260 million customers every week.

Isn’t Walmart Closing Down? Of course, COVID has had an impact on Walmart with roughly 5,000 stores closing down temporarily during the lockdown, a trend that continues longer than anticipated. Nevertheless, Walmart continues to offer world-class retailing with a wide assortment of quality products, including motion sensors.

Walmart Motion Sensors Cost Walmart’s selection of motion sensors seems endless and, apart from novelty motion sensors such as  multicolor light that turn on when you lift the toilet’s lid, or a Spiderman light for the children’s room, Walmart also offers home security sensors such as:

motion detector lights

motion detector alarms

motions detector cameras

driveway motion sensor and more…

Ring Motion Sensors at Walmart

RING initially made its mark with a video doorbell, but since introducing it into the market, this company has gone on to become internationally recognized for all its home security equipment. They offer  DIY, wireless solutions, which makes it very attractive to renters. Their sensors are available at Walmart and range from $37 to $224 in price.

SimpliSafe Motion Sensors at Walmart

SimpliSafe is one of the most recognized home security brands anywhere in the world today. Apart from high-quality home security devices and excellent customer service, the flexibility this company offers is arguably one of the biggest keys to their success. Their motion sensor that is available at Walmart costs around $45. Average Motion Sensor Cost Walmart’s list of motion sensors is vast and ever-changing. Consider the average cost of the different types of motion sensors.

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