Walmart Motion Sensors

The world’s largest selection of motion sensors is a far cry from the once small discount store that started up nearly 60 years ago. Nowadays, Walmart’s motion sensors come in such a wide array of applications that you won’t know where to start once you start considering all your options. However, to this day, one […]

SimpliSafe Motion Sensor

SimpliSafe is one of the most recognized home security brands anywhere in the world today. Its flexible home security solutions have made this company a household name in the US with more than 3 million customers in the U.S. With high-quality, easy-to-install, and easy-to-use home security devices, you are protected against unwanted intrusions. At SimpliSafe, […]

Ring Alarm Motion Sensor

Ring alarm systems have become an international success in a very short amount of time. Inventor Jamie Siminoff made it onto ABC’s Shark Tank, but was turned down. It did, however, lead to Amazon picking up on the genius idea – and by 2018 a deal was struck. Initially, the company made its mark with […]

Motion Sensor Door Alarm

Motion detectors are part of everyday life. And as soon as you think of them, home security spring to mind. However, apart from the most obvious home security functions, a motion sensor door alarm can perform several other functions that can make your life a lot easier. Why Motion Sensors for Your Home Security? Essentially, […]

Outdoor Motion Sensor Light With Alarm

Outdoor motion sensor lights with an alarm offer an easy solution and one of the most common approaches to home security. While most people tend to think about security when motion sensor lights are mentioned, the possibilities don’t end there. Motion sensors offer an array of uses. They are, of course, a smarter and more […]

Outdoor Wireless Motion Sensor Alarm

Lighting allows for certain practical or imaginative, and even dramatic effect. However, one of the most obvious ways to utilize lighting is for the purpose of adding security to our properties. Nothing deters a wood-be burglar faster than a bright light suddenly shining on them while they are trying to remain unseen. Outdoor wireless motion […]

Motion Sensor Alarm for the Elderly

Motion sensors alarms for the elderly are little devices that offer you an extra layer of security and monitoring. They will sense if something has been touched, when doors and windows are opened, or detect any movement in an area where they have been activated. However, these modern devices are more than just a way […]

Indoor Motion Sensor Alarm

Installing outdoor motion sensors seems like an obvious upgrade to your home’s security so that your perimeters are being monitored to alert you of any unwanted movement. Installing indoor motion sensors can present you with a whole host of benefits too. However, they come with their share of cons too. Let’s explore some of the benefits, […]

Driveway Motion Sensor Alarm

A driveway motion sensor, as the name suggests, is a detector designed to monitor your driveway. These are not your average outdoor motion sensors but have instead specifically designed for driveways. This sensor is perfect for those areas of your driveway that may not be visible, or very long driveways where there is a considerable distance […]

Outdoor Motion Sensor Alarm

It doesn’t matter if you live in a house or apartment – having an alarm system to protect your property is essential if you have anything you value and want to protect. Outdoor motion sensors are great for monitoring the activity outside your home or business. Motion sensors will immediately calm your fears when it […]